MBA salary survey
MBA Sallary Survey
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MBA Salaries - What is an MBA really worth?

First degree university qualifications are becoming more common and levels of unemployment growing, even amongst graduates. 

An MBA has become a critical differentiator, but is it really worth the effort?

A two year programme from a top international business school can cost over $100K. If employers now have a larger talent pool from which to choose, will your investment in taking an MBA (Masters Degree in Business Administration) ever pay off?

The answer is ‘yes’ – if you have the right information with which to negotiate a great salary and compensation package.

In 2002 through 2003 we conducted a comprehensive career and salary survey among MBA graduates and students. With over 1800 responses received it generated a useful view on the true picture of MBA salaries, mostly within the UK.

Now we are conducting the survey again – this time on a global basis – and this is your opportunity, to not only contribute to the data, but also to get the final Summary report absolutely FREE.

Take the 2009/10 Salary Survey

As an MBA graduate or student, the survey will enable you to know what you’re worth and negotiate a remuneration package that reflects this. You can then get the MBA salary you deserve.

Take our survey now and add to the knowledge base that will provide hard information on the real value of an MBA. 

If you’re an employer or recruiter get the information you need to hire the best candidates at the most competitive MBA salaries.

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How necessary do you think an MBA is or will be, in your quest for a higher salary?